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BTA Office at 28 Vincent Road

Please come in. Thank you for joining us. By way of introduction I place before you the words skill and passion. Twenty seven years of work forged the skill and a lifetime of passion polished it. The polish reflects things like creativity, durability, and efficiency, but what appears on the surface and what appears to come from within flux as art and science synthesize. BTA begins with essential raw materials and hammers and polishes these conceptions into singular designs in ARCHITECTURE, FURNITURE AND OBJECTS. The raw materials include things like a solid understanding of physical science, engineering, history and art, and how they inform one another; a fascination with the mechanics of our environment, its novelty and how we operate within it; an obsession with balance, surprise and delight. Please review Profile for current credentials and a brief biography, Services for our specialties in design, Portfolio for a graphical representation of completed work, Contact for how and when we can be reached, and Blog for timely articles attentive to good design.

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