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What comes first in good design? Performance, cost, and aesthetics would likely be major headings considered in a comprehensive predesign assessment. Performance might include considerations of energy efficiency, environmental sensitivity, and function. Aesthetics considerations would likely address qualitative elements like light, views, material, composition, and comfort. Each component of each major heading has the capacity to inform all the others, and so they do in good design. This is how value is achieved, by acknowledging the elements, and allowing them to inform one another equally. Nothing really comes first, they come together as one. Please see the architectural project listing on the Portfolio page.

Architectural Projects

The considered opinion acknowledges the time necessary to develop a strong and flexible balance between incisive knowledge, rigorous and complete scientific methodology, humility and discretion. BTA provides expert witness services for several local Massachusetts attorneys. How can we be of assistance?

Expert Witness Services

Good design, off-sprung from the marriage of art and science, is informed by each parent equally. BTA demonstrates commitment to good design by balancing a strong artistic approach with scientific methodology and solid organization.

Building Science and Forensics

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